Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just a Laugh

This is a great video. The best part about it is that she tries to make it positive.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Man of the Year

Digital Love readers, our first annual man of the year is being awarded today. As this is a sports themed blog this man has something to do with the NFL. Our winner is Ron Bailey. 99% of the people who will ever read this don't know who Ron Baily is. Ron Bailey is the dad of two NFL players Champ and Boss Bailey. Now being the father of 2 NFL players is one thing but what gives him the prize is that two of his kids are named Champ and Boss. Possibly one of their middle names is danger.
The runner up for the man of the year is loved by Digital Love. He isn't loved by many others, that's right Bill Belichick. Digital Love supports Bill Belichick and all that he does. Belichick hates the press (big bonus) and enjoys running up the score. If only he made fun of Peyton Manning then he'd be loved just like my second favorite coach Steve Spurrier. And this photo is digital Love's way of saying Merry Christmas and happy new year.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

An Optical Illusion

Most people that have ever visited Digitallove realize that 2 posts in a row must be an optical illusion. Zero comments have been made on the Cutcliffe post, which fortifies my hunch that nobody reads this blog. Ever. anyway, I was on Itunes and I noted that there was a link on the top bought songs this year. I started shaking uncontrollably by song 10, and nearly didn't make it. It's incredible the crap people listen to now and my view of it. Also me making fun of people who lack the ability to speak and spell. Here it is.

Big Girls Don't Cry- Fergie The first time I had ever heard this song. The only thing noticeable in the 30 second clip was that the incredible Fergie said that someone stole her blanket.

The Sweet Escape- Gwen Stefani Kind of like Kelly Clarksdon does a crappy Garage Band song.

Hey There Delilah- Plain White T's I couldn't finish listening to the 30 second clip on Itunes. I need to release a CD of someone lightly strumming on a guitar and me singing in a high pitched voice, then I could have the #3 song on Itunes next year.

Girlfriend- Avril Lavigne The first song on this list I had heard before. Someone please comment on how much they hate it.

Glamorous- Fergie Fergie came up with another crap-fiesta song in the top 5. And nobody was more surprised that me that Fergie could spell a word more than 6 letters than I was.

Stronger- Kanye West Kanye's spin off of a Daft Punk song is a very bad song (understatement).

Makes Me Wonder - Maroon 5 I think Maroon 5 was trying to win over the country of Canada by putting this song out in the open. Amazing that more people would by this song than any DMB song.

Don't Matter- Akon The song Akon sings in a chipmunk voice is more enjoyable than this.

The Way I Are- Timbaland I've heard this song before. It fascinates me that someone who fails learn 3rd grade grammar earns more than 95% of Americans.

Party Like a Rock Star- Shop Boyz The first time the words totally dude have been said in a rap song. Also have spelling problems (boys.)

Crank That (Soulja Boy)- Soulja Boy Possibly the most overplayed song in history of ever. I was excited when it didn't crack into the top 10. Every time I see the dance it makes me wants to hit Soldier Boy (still hasn't learned how to spell) with a baseball bat.

Umbrella- Rihanna I'm glad one of our top 20 has an IQ above 50. Nothing negative. Mary J. Blidge is much better.

Apologize- Timbaland This song is the equivalent of Keith Urban doing an R&B song. Shocked that anyone in America purchased this song.

Rockstar- Nickelback My hatred of this Canadian group is incredible. I would consider losing a limb before attending a Nickleback concert. Comments are welcome bashing Nickelback.

Bubbly- Colbie Caillat This is the best song I have heard so far. (very sad)

Give It to Me- Timbaland Timbaland has had his 3rd song in the top 20. Me hearing his songs makes me think that Timbaland is a 9 year old boy with a computer. i have never heard him sing, unless his voice mirrors a grown woman.

Say It Right- Nelly Furtado Nelly Furtado apparently speaks English fluently (a first on this list.) This song isn't as bad as many of the top 15.

Buy U a Drank- T-Pain We now have the king of bad spelling. Failing to spell the word you and drink is simply incredible for a grown man. My advice is for T-Pain to buy a dictionary to increase his English speakings. Also moans during middle of song for no apparent reason.

Cupid's Chokehold / Breakfast in America- Gym Class Heroes Another person trying to rap with Garage Band. Amazing, the #19 song in america this year. About 334,658 songs come off the top of my head that are better than this. (which is also one of the better of the top 20)

It's Not Over- Daughtry The first time I heard this song was on ESPN when they were showing some clip. I got angry and wanted to throw my TV remote through the screen. The #20 song in 2007. Painful to listen to.

If you finished reading this post I thank you and please comment. The next two songs were fallout boy songs. That makes me want to jump off a cliff. Anyway I'll see you later the 2 people that read.

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Rich get Richer

Ahh. Nice to be back. You probably didn’t know, but the rich really did get richer today. National football powerhouse Duke hired David Cutcliffe to be the head coach. As you recall coach Cutcliffe coached Ole Miss and set the program back for 7 years. I really don’t know why the dukies would turn to Cutcliffe, because of their recent success (a 4-42 record over the last 4 years). Duke did possibly the dumbest thing you could do in hiring Cutcliffe to run their team. The saying it can’t get ant worse isn’t true for Duke football because it just did. Some points I would like to make for the 400 people who care about duke football.

· I really compare this move to starting an NFL franchise with Eric Crouch. Sports fans if you don’t know who Crouch is read this Crouch couldn’t run, throw or play safety (in NFL Europe).

· Cutcliffe brings the excitement to your team that you get when you get your 12-page exam review guide for Spanish.

· Duke fans you signed Thaddeus Lewis, the #10 dual-threat quarterback in the country in 2006. Don’t worry I’m sure he will give it to your running back (who probably backed up in high school) 35 times a game up the middle.

· Get used to this- (insert running backs name here) up the middle for a 2 yard gain.

· The repulsive talent level you have will only get worse with Cutcliffe. He recruited all-stars like Nate Banks and Thomas Eckers. The rest of the players he recruited were so bad they aren’t with Ole Miss anymore.

Well, that is it regarding Duke’s great new coach. I imagine their record over the next 4 years will be worse than 4-42. I encourage comments, especially if I forgot anything negative about Cutcliffe. One more thing.

Duke seats in 2007

Duke seats 2008 and beyond

Friday, November 23, 2007


Sorry, but this will make sense once you click play.
(by the way, I rate the success of a blog by the number/quality of comments so please....)

The Best Day of the Year

Hello again. In case you didn’t notice Digital Love went exactly one month between posts. I have come to inform you about the best day of the year. Coach Ed Orgeron of Ole Miss was fired today. A great moment in my life. Ed won 10 games in 3 years, very poor. As the coaching search continues the candidates include: Rick Neuheisel, a coach I’d be fine with. Charlie Strong A Florida co-defensive coordinator- quality guy, Houston Nutt formally of Arkansas. There are some others but I’m too lazy to type them. But, a name that hasn’t been thrown out there but my source close to the Ole Miss tells me that Mike Leach of Texas Tech is the leading candidate. Leach is a good football coach who has done a nice job at TT with little talent. On another note it is also a celebration because of the seniors that are graduating.
Nate Banks, CB
#28 has been the worst player on the Ole Miss defense for two years, which is quite an honor. As an Ole Miss fan it was incredible how many times you would see the opponent throw a pass to a wide open receiver. After the catch you would see the familiar #28 chase them and then miss a tackle. The fact that he was on the field surprised me. Nate’s graduation is a great day for Ole Miss fans.
Corey Actis, C
Ahh the snap infraction penalty will happen no more in Oxford. A snap infraction is a penalty most people have never heard of, but Corey apparently had a problem with it having at least three. Corey also has a problem with his personal fouls, the only category where he led the team. Corey had 3 in our last 2 games.
Dan Werner, Offensive Coordinator (not graduating but being fired)
Ole Miss’ quarterback Brent Schaeffer was a huge disappointment in his two years in Oxford. That’s because Warner made him drop back 3 steps and throw it to a covered guy. I would post more but I'm tired.

Feel free to make fun of any more horrible College football players.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Back Again

Long time since last post. I don't think Sanford is blogging with us anymore. Thoughts

I found out recently how dumb Ole Miss is, in our coaching search where we hired Ed we passed up Dennis Erickson and Ron Zook.

The main reason I decided to write so the very few who read can waste your time is last night I was watching Monday Night Football and saw the Jaguars quarterback get hurt. So Jacksonville puts in their backup quarterback, Quinn Gray. Gray might possibly be the worst football player I have ever seen, like a bad combination of Michael Spurlock and Brent Schaeffer. I realise that is some incredible criticism but his stat line was 9-of-24 passing for 56 yards and two other completions (to the Colts). It simply amazing that the jaguars don't have a quarterback that is better than Quinn. The undrafted quarterback out of powerhouse Florida A & M is disgusting. I really think the Jags will have open tryouts and some CFL quarterback will easily beat out Quinn. I would say that 80% of college quarterbacks are better than Quinn.
I will post again in the near future. Go Warriors.